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We can help with:

Assessment, treatment & relief of existing pain.

Protection against potential muscle, joint and tendon injury.

Maintenance programmes to provide essential ongoing flexibility and mobility.

Performance & Behaviour problems caused by unrecognised physical pain or restriction.

McGregor Animal Osteopathy

The McGregor Group is the UK’s foremost animal osteopathy practice with over 30 years experience. Formed by Stuart McGregor - an acknowledged World Authority on animal mobility and the originator in the 1980’s of the principles of modern animal osteopathy.  Our expertise is unmatched and we are dedicated to providing World Class Osteopathic advice & treatment whether for top class competitors or leisure animals or pets.


We work across the South of England and Wales.  Contact us for details of other McGregor trained animal osteopaths if you require assistance in other parts of the UK or internationally.






In the UK, the treatment of  animals must be controlled by a qualified vet and no therapist can treat your animal without your vet’s permission.  McGregor Group has an excellent relationship with vet practices. If you would like us to treat your animals other than in the UK please check with the veterinary authorities in your country to see if veterinary referral is required.


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