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McGregor Animal Osteopathy Training

Training Osteopaths to treat animals since 1998


Postgraduate courses at the Osteopathic Centre for Animals


The provision of osteopathic care of animals is a rapidly developing sector within osteopathy.  It also attracts significant interest in other animal practice fields such as veterinary medicine and is recommended by many veterinarians. 


The OCA is based in Wantage, England, and is the UK’s leading training organisation for registered Osteopaths wishing to extend their qualifications to animal osteopathy.  The Centre Principal is Stuart McGregor who was the originator of modern animal osteopathy in the 1980’s and is internationally recognised as a world expert on the subject.

All students must be graduate Osteopaths.  No previous experience of working with animals is necessary. After successfully completing the course the graduates are fully equipped to practice animal osteopathy. 


The OCA is unrivalled in its experience and expertise of animal osteopathy and is renowned for providing the highest level of training.  OCA trained animal Osteopaths are recognised as leading practitioners in the profession and for their exceptional understanding of their trade.  Most of the leading UK practitioners - and many overseas practitioners too - have been trained at the OCA.


The courses generally take place three days per month for 10 months and are comprised of Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.  Courses generally start each September in the UK.  Detailed information about the Centre and the courses can be obtained from or 01235 768055.


Training covers the key elements of anatomy, dissection,  pathology, biomechanics, equitation, and the application of osteopathic principles and techniques to both horses and dogs. This incorporates a careful balance of practical and theoretical learning throughout, with more practical than classroom study. Theoretical work is undertaken at the Centre in Wantage with significant hands-on experience of treating horses and dogs taking place in stables and kennels.

Courses outside of the UK are arranged individually.


Course information and our fee structure can be obtained directly from the Osteopathic Centre for Animals.

Visit the website:

Contact us at: or 01235 768055.

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