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McGregor Canine

We provide two principal services for the physical care and conditioning of dogs:


  • Assessment, treatment & relief of existing pain.

  • Planned programmes to maintain mobility and protect against muscle, joint and tendon injury


Exercise is good for dogs but it can cause stiffness and strains in muscles and joints which causes pain, injury and reduced performance. Even more so if we ask them to regularly train and compete in Agility, Flyball, Disc Dog, Working trial, Obedience or other physically demanding activities. And it’s not only sporting dogs that can be affected but any that do rigorous exercise or are affected by arthritis.


Preventative care and maintenance is one of the best health investments you can provide for your dog.  Regular care of muscles, joints and tendons maintains flexibility and mobility which is the key to avoiding injury, speeding recovery and improving performance.


Appointments are generally at our Clinic in Wantage but we can visit you if desired.  And we also visit Agility or other dog sport clubs where we provide evening clinics and treatment for 5 or more dogs.


The fee for a single appointment in Wantage is £45.  A maintenance programme keeps your dog in peak condition and would generally involve 6 planned visits per year.


To book an appointment please call 07785 717814 or email



We always advise that you contact your vet if in any doubt about your animal's health.
In the UK, the treatment of  animals must be controlled by a qualified vet and no therapist can treat your animal without your vet’s permission.  McGregor Group has an excellent relationship with vet practices. If you would like us to treat your animals other than in the UK please check with the veterinary authorities in your country to see if veterinary referral is required.
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